Thursday, October 23, 2008


It was sad to leave San Francisco, we had such a good time, and wanted the good time to continue but we had to make our way down the California coast to reach Los Angeles.

The first stop along the coast was Monterey. If you are familiar with the author John Steinbeck, you no doubt will have read Cannery Row. Set in Monterey this novel revolved around the people who lived on this street which is dominated by sardine canning factories turned chic office buildings.

Monterey also has a cute little pier filled with restaurants that offer you teasers of clam chowder. The teasers are served in tiny plastic cups, however the real the meal is served in a bowl made from bread.

There is a fabulous candy shop that pulls its own salt water taffy in the window. The storefront was too fabulous to pass by without snapping a photo!

Doesn't the candy shop make you wish you were naked and covered in pink cotton candy?

A beautiful photo of The Man and The Son in front of the docks.

There were seals everywhere! They are noisy and smelly and oddly fascinating to watch.

Today The Son, The Man & I all ate onion rings from a real diner! They were fantastic until the third one, afterwhich our mouth were layered in grease.

Onwards we continue down the coast.

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