Sunday, October 19, 2008


4 days without the internet is what a hell must feel like...

The internet has been very spotty, just about every restuarant, coffee shop and hotel has wireless, it is just a matter of being in the right spot at the right time to get a signal... remember how the old mobile phones used to be? You had to climb on the roof, stand on one hand and point the phone in a northwest direction to even get a signal?

Finally to continue on with the San Francisco section of this program, we journeyed to Fisherman's Wharf.

The Wharf is where the city meets that bay and at one point in time it was full of pirates, sailors and guess what else? Fisherman!

Of course all of this has gone for large cruise ships, tourist shopping and a Hard Rock Cafe.

To get to Fisherman's Wharf, we had to walk up a giant and very steep hill, through Chinatown.

On Pier 33 (or was it 41? or 35?) There is the Musee Mechanique which houses the old penny arcade games. Mathew's favourite was this one:

After you dropped in the coin, these men started to tap dance.

To get back to our hotel, we took the cable car up a giant and very steep hill.

We have now officially completed our Rice-a-Roni tour of San Francisco and getting ready to head down the coast to LA.

Today, The Son ate a gigantic pretzel, The Man clogged the toilet and I ate a Twinkie.

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