Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, does it?

I have to say that this weekend epitomised the entire reason why we moved to this property in the first place.

On Saturday, Courtney's boyfriend came over, and I must admit that I had several manhattans by dinner time was in a very very good mood. As a family collective, we thought it would be fun to prank the kid's old school mates.

Yes, that is right. Two grown men and three kids sat around the family dinner table pranking their friends.

My favourite was:

Me: "Hello is Miss Wright?"

Unsuspecting Kid: "No."

Me: "This isn't Miss Wright?"

U.K.: "No. Who is this?"

Me: "This is Mr Wong. I am looking for Miss Wright."

And the night only went downhill from there.

I ran out of vermouth to make manhattans so I walked up the street to the bottle shop. That is right, in the middle of nowhere, there is a well stocked liquor store open until 8:30pm. It doubles as a gas station.

I bought three bottles of cheap red wine (for Stuart) and the biggest bottle of vermouth one has ever seen. On the way home, the box dropped and all the bottles went crashing down to the street.

I heard a very loud sound of a bottle smashing to bits. I hoped that it was one of the cheap bottles of red wine, but of course it was the vermouth. I was too embarrassed to go back to the bottle shop, but I sucked it up and bought another bottle, where the clerk proceeded to laugh at me and tell me "I hope your luck gets better."

Oh yes, I almost forgot that the Eurovision Song Contest was on all weekend and we were glued to the TV every night.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Eurovision is a song contest where every country in Europe enters their favourite band and they all compete to win. The budget for the show is approximately 300 million Euros. Every number is costumed and choreographed with LCD walls and floors, lasers, pyrotechnics, trampolines, conveyor belts... anything the mind can imagine.

There are some horribly funny entries (generally from Eastern European countries) but others are simply amazing. Like the UK entry. Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote and played the piano for this entry. Greece put on a hot show, which concluded with the well muscled singer, dressed in white, ripping his shirt wide open.

He gets my vote.

Anyway, Norway won. Check out YouTube for his song, I am too lazy to do a link.

A tid bit of Eurovision history for you. It launched ABBA's career.

How was your weekend??

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