Saturday, June 6, 2009


Only four posts in May.

It has been a very busy and sometimes trying month.

The electricity is still out in the office, going on five weeks in the dark. It mostly affects my office and the woman in the office next to mine. We were both having a chat the other day and discovered that we both feel tired, cranky, uninspired and fatigued.

Our counselling team diagnosed us as having S.A.D. which stands for Seasonal something-or-rather Disorder or Depression... I wasn't really paying attention, I was too busy crying in the corner.

I was lured out of the corner and thrown on a plane to give a speech at a fantastic conference in Adelaide.

When I say "fantastic" I really mean "drunken" but I am sure you have already made that assumption.

South Australia, the state which Adelaide is the capital city of, is known for its wines and produce. In fact, my idol Maggie Beer is based here as well as another cook I love called Dorinda who is probably more known for her red lipstick.

I spent the first night drinking many glasses of rose champagne and eating fresh oysters.

The next day, after giving my speech, I was given a bottle of Shiraz, which was immediately consumed while eating chocolate frogs.

I thought that I could share with you the photographs of everything I saw in Adelaide.

My hotel room:

What happened to my right eye?

The view from the window of the Convention Centre:

That's all.

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