Sunday, May 10, 2009


The telephone company actually came to the plate and when I got home from work on Friday the wireless modem was waiting to be plugged in and set-up. The best part about it is that apparently wireless broadband is faster than the telephone based broadband service. Bonus.

Without further ado, Welcome to my home.

Of course as you know, when entering you must come through the gates (that if you remember I built myself) and come up the Canadian Maple lined driveway.

Eventually, after stopping to refuel your car and admiring the sun shining through the autumnal leaves (it is after all winter down here at the moment... arrive at the front entry to the house.

Do you notice all of the red roses in the photo above? I have counted all of the roses around the house and it totals 175. Yes, that means 175 roses to deadhead and prune.

Last weekend I made a very bloody and painful attempt at weeding the clover which was growing around the base of the bushes. My hands look like I tried to molest a cat.

Let's go for a walk around the property, which borders on three side to thousands of acres of state forest.

These trees are the home to many red-tailed black cockatoos, twentyeights (a type of parrot) and whatever else lurks under the rocks.

In the night, kangaroos hop secretly through the trees and come to the front paddock to graze. This busted fence is the front door for these bouncy creatures.

All that walking really builds up a thirst. I am feeling really inspired by the red leaves, shall we go inside and have a few Manhattans?

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