Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Living surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest brings many wonderful visitors into our parcel of land.

Black cockatoos, Kookaburras, Finches and Butterflies all flutter over to say hello and of course it is always a blessing when the Kangaroos drop by for a cup of tea.

Some visitors, no matter how infrequent are never welcome.

This would be one of them:

The Death Adder.

Last week, this little guy's long lost cousin stopped by to check out the stables.

Let me tell you about Mr D. Adder's family. The Death Adder by most accounts is the ninth most venomous snake in the world. Personally I don't really know what difference it makes how deadly a lethal venom is, but there you go.

Death Adders are slow moving snakes that have a tendency to remain still and motionless. A person can walk with in centimeters of this snake and not even know it, or even be attacked.

Despite the fact that they move slowly, they posses a lightening fast strike, one of the fastest and most accurate in fact.

Another interesting tid bit is that Mrs D. Adder actually gives birth to live young and not eggs.

As interesting as the Adders sound, I will not be inviting them over for a martini anytime soon but what should one do when they are faced with these unexpected visitors.

According to the snake guy we met at the local agricultural show, get a shovel and... nope, not chop their heads off (that is an offence attached to a $10,000 fine).. get a shovel and put them in a bucket that is deeper then Mr Adder is long and call a snake removalist.

I don't think I will be attempting that method and fortunately, there is one other option.

Grab your garden hose and turn the water on Mr Adder. Spraying directly Mr Adder will only piss him off, however by pointing the hose in the air, the falling water will simulate natural rains. Mr Adder hates to cool down and will slither off back home.

This method also proves highly effective for other unwanted guests of the human variety.

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