Sunday, February 1, 2009


Did ever tell you that one Friday night when I was left to my own accord, abandondend for the preparations of yet another horse show that I had approximately five martinis and when Stuart finally came home at 11:30pm I sat him down and told him that this family is falling apart and the only way to fix it was to buy a rural property so that we can all at least be on the same peice of land?

Well, it slipped my mind, too. However today we went out to look at approximately 10 million properties and narrowed it down to approximately 11 million.

Wait... What? How did that happen?

Whilst I have my fantasies of living out my Maggie Beer dreams and growing things and turning them into fabulous dinners for 20, I am also exceptionally afraid of being bitten by snakes.

You may breath a sigh of relief that despite Australia's relatively high number of poisonous snakes (and other deadly creatures) the area we live only has two poisonous snake species...

You may now gulp your martinis when I tell that those two species just so happen to also be in the top ten of most lethally poisionous snakes IN THE WORLD.

But who cares about possible death when you can make a fabulous chutney from your very own garden?

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