Friday, February 27, 2009


This weekend is a long 3-day holiday weekend... I am not sure what the holiday is and neither do I care.

I have been horribly absent in mid-story... talk about a dramatic pause... however I have good reason.

We put the house we are living in on the market and it sold in 3 days, with a 3 week settlement date. Which means we have three weeks to buy the dream rural property or end up living in a tent at the local campsite (which is 100% anal probing free).

The upside is that since it is a long weekend, I may actually get some post under my belt (not that way, Pumpkin). I still need to finish my Where the Hell Are We posting (AKA least popular story ever!) which is technically already finished but in my quest for imperfect perfectionism still needs about 15 re-writes.

Also I have a hilarious story about how I accidentally stumbled across a co-workers text messages on his work mobile phone. It consists of shameful sexual innuendos and tacky curse word phrases so I am sure you are not interested, right?

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