Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We are going to talk about foxes.

I know nothing of the fox besides what I learned from the bit on Golden Girls when they all sign on to do a live version of Chicken Little for an elementary school. So from that performance, I know that they are sly, eat chickens and wearing riding outfits with cute little boots.

Well, something happened the other day and a fox crossed my path. Myself being into animal symbolism took it as a sign and immediately launched into what it could possibly mean.

In animal symbolism, the fox represents cunning, sneakiness, awareness and intelligence.

One source mentioned that the fox's greatest gift is not its ability to outrun the hounds, but that it can predict when they are hunting.

Furthermore what we can learn from the fox is that by trusting our instincts we are able to anticipate and therefore create the future.

Also if a fox crosses your path it mean an opportunity arises.

So what does this all mean? Fantastic things, but I hold you in suspense for now.

UPDATE: For clarification, I actually saw a real live fox.

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