Friday, September 7, 2007

Go Dive in a Pond

James and I have been doing a lot of renovations to the house since the beginning of the year. With the outside newly rendered and a beautiful new carport now built, the landscaping was looking a bit drab. So when the suggestion was made that we "do something" with the front garden I could only think of two words:

Lily. Pond.

To me, lily ponds are very romantic, soft soothing ideas. They have long been the muse of artists like Claude Monet, whose lily pond inspired a series of larger than life impressionist paintings. Imagine the world without Monet.

A water lily represents purity of heart. To speak religiously in a non-religious way, the archangel Gabriel is sometimes shown to appear before the Virgin Mary with a group of water lilies. To speak spiritually in a non-spiritual way, a water lily represents a self-producing soul, with its seed nestled in the mud of a pond, is awakened by the sun and grows upwards through the illusions of the water to blossom in the free air of truth.

Everyday I will pass the lily pond and be instantly transported into warm days of simplicity and fantasy. I can imagine being in a European garden reflecting at the tranquil beauty of the lily. I will see the frogs rest on the lily pads waiting for their afternoon tea and for that space in time I will cease to exist as myself and disintegrate into the vast being of life.

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