Friday, September 7, 2007

Aunt Bertha's Blue Ribbon Pie

It is the first day of a new week.

Not really of much importance, but the sentence somehow is full of hope and looking upwards towards the future, almost in a "world war two soldier propaganda poster" sort of way.

In light of that spirit of opportunism, I have decided that I shall make self predictions of the week ahead:

Prediction 1 - I will get upset that all my socks have disappeared and will end up wearing the same ones for at least two days in a row.

Prediction 2 - I will drink approximately 7 cappucinos.

Prediction 3 - I will eat spaghetti bolognese at least once.

Prediction 4 - I will drink approximately 18 scotch & sodas (keep your fingers crossed this one comes true).

This upcoming Saturday I will be having a Christmas in July party. I have not made any plans for food or invited anyone as yet, but I have set a date and told the family that we are having an X-mas in July party then. I have also did a "test-bake" for a lemon meringue pie.

Let me tell you! Lemon meringue pie may appear to be simple, but it is NOT!
Don't believe those bitches that tell you, "Oh that's easy" and then give a little smirk. Just thinking about that smirk makes me want to smack them.

First you have to make the pastry, then refrigerate the pastry, then roll the pastry and some how manage to get the pastry from the counter into the pie dish without breaking, tearing or crumbling the dough. Then you have to pinch the edges. My mum does this and makes the pinches look appetising, my pinches however resemble something similar to the tip of Micheal Jackson's nose.

After pinching little noses into the pastry, you have to bake the pastry. Whilst the pastry is baking, you need to squeeze a bunch of lemons, and boil lemon juice, flour, corn starch and more sugar than you want to admit to putting in.

This all sounds easy, right? Well, as you may be aware freshly squeezed lemon juice can have seeds. You spend several minutes, picking out the "floaties" with a tiny spoon and give a great big shout out when this task is complete. This moment of happiness is of course a false confidence because after you dump the jug of juice into the pan, there are about 100 big seeds which were hiding in the bottom of the jug that are now mocking you as they make a bed in the gooey concoction!

I am not about to go digging the seeds out of the mixture, so I just stirred them into the other ingredients. That is a secret between the two of us, and gratefully nobody noticed or chipped a tooth when tasting the pie.

So the mixture is boiling and I took my eyes of it for one second, I barely had enough time to pour a drink, light a cigarette and send some text messages, before the stuff started burning!

Well, I figured it was done, so I grabbed a big spoon and give it a good stir to mix the brown burnt bits into the attractive yellow bit, to make a deep yellow.
Now you have to send that aside to cool and make your meringue, also at this point, you should have taken your pie pastry out of the oven. That part is important to remember, because as I have discovered, a pie pastry is not like toast, you cannot just scrap the black part off with a knife.

As for the meringue, despite the occassional egg shell, is actually very simple (insert smirk here).

There are some other things that you have to do to finish the pie, but they are not exciting, so let's skip to the good part. I had some people taste it. The kids liked the meringue, but no the lemon part. But they are kids, what do they know for taste?

Despite the kids not liking the lemon part, the adults loved the whole pie! The only problem is that all of the adults who tasted the pie are coming over for X-mas in July (once I send out the invites anyway). So of course, now that they have already had the pie, I cannot serve the pie at the party.

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