Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gay Railroad Workers

In the little free moments of this hectic day, I have been on the internet looking up personal stories of people who have come out later in life, usually after marrying the opposite sex and having kids, etc.

I have really only been able to find mostly stories of men who have known throughout their lives that they had an attraction to other men, but for one reason or another, tried to live a straight life.

What I am most interested in, however, are stories of men (or women) who have spent most of their lives in a heterosexual manner, without realising until later in life that they are gay... and if this is actually possible, or they are still in a subconscious mental denial of their past.

Then I came across a statement, from a psychic or tarot reader, who seemed to have an opinion, or at least relaying what they have learnt from gay clients about coming out and being gay. This statement was that reality is based on codes... mathematics, DNA, etc... and that your lifestyle shifts as your codes change.

This person did not go much in depth beyond that. So what I am wondering is if they are insinuating that a person can live a heterosexual life and then one day wake up and be gay, if that is the point which they are at in their genetic "railway track".

Even stating that, on this same theory, a gay man could one day go to bed sucking on some man's cock and then the next morning wake up and only desire wet vaginas?

I suppose that is all very sudden and dramatic and if you look at most spatial or geometric transitions of shape of railroad tracks, they are smooth, subtle and without much "in the moment" notice of a change. This is done to keep the railcars (or us mere human beings) from de-railing.

So in theory, this sexual orientation transition would happen gradually. One would go through an initial stage of "soft" realisations, then more full-on fantasies, to experimentation, to trying out relationships, and so forth.

It is scientifically stated that your sexual orientation is genetic, so does that mean at what point you in life you realise you are gay or straight or bi is genetic as well?

Of course this is all a debate of nature vs. nurture, which opens up another can of worms, and who can be bothered?

Fact of the day: Men produce more sperm when they are in a state of jealousy.

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