Friday, February 26, 2010


Today let's talk wardrobe malfunctions.

We all have them, at least I need to believe that we all have them... Malfunctions that would make one run away in shame and not appear in public again for the next three years.

This afternoon I was setting up a marketing display as a favour and in the middle of this crowded room, I squatted down and my heard this gigantic "RRRRRRRIPPPP!"

The seams in the entire seat of my pants had torn wide open!

I will let you in on a little secret, it is casual Friday. Even though I was wearing a suit, I thought I would be a little "free & easy" underneath, if you catch my drift... or should I say "draft"?

I jumped with my back to the nearest wall and slinked out of the room, and straight to my car, sped all the way home.

I was so depressed I ate an entire cake.

Tell me about your wardrobe malfunction?

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