Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A couple months ago, I broke the coffee machine at work... again.

I was showing off to a group of people on how to make a proper cappuccino when suddenly the machine blew up and went dead!

So I did the only thing I could think of, I ran away and pretended as if I didn't do it.

The machine was sent over to Sydney for repair and the diagnosis came back on Tuesday... it exploded because (cover your eyes if you are squeamish) cockroaches shorted out the circuit board.

This news should have came as a surprise however last year there was a mysterious odour smothering the kitchen. Something was dead.

A search committee was formed and they scoured every inch of the kitchen looking for the source, with no results.

A second, more scent sensitive search committee was formed and they located the vile odour was coming from the microwave. There was no food inside of the microwave and it only been cleaned that morning.

The search committee unscrewed the back of the microwave and found (cover your eyes if you are squeamish) a dead rat.

I am just waiting for a snake to come up through the toilet.

PS - You may have noticed that earlier I stated this was the second time I broke the coffee machine. The first was actually a hilarious episode that ensued in a witch hunt. I still save the copy of the email that went around telling off the person who did it. I will share that with you later, as in after I leave the company.

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