Friday, January 1, 2010


Today marks the first day of a new decade... although I am not entirely sure if that is true or not. I thought a decade was 10 years and unless I am counting wrong the years 2000 - 2009 only adds up to nine.

Whatever, if Entertainment Tonight has nostalgic specials on 'The Messiest Celebrity Divorces of the Decade' then obviously the decade is over. Who am I to argue with Mary Hart?

I was just reading over on Mom #1's blog and she reminded me of the how, on New Year's Eve when we were just about to enter the decade past, we all thought that he world was going to blow up at the stroke of midnight.

Yes, that was a fun night. The danger that we could be dead when the ball dropped just made us all drink more and dance harder. Then when we realised that we didn't die, we drank even more and danced even harder.

It was the year 2000, and we survived and what a beautiful world it would be. There was going to be spandex jackets, one for everyone.

Did you get yours?

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