Friday, December 11, 2009


Tonight we all went to watch Courtney's high school dance class perform little dance ditties (with a 'D', Mr Show) on stage.

We watched as young Australian high school girls krumped, popped, puppeted, Bollywooded and jazz handed around the dancefloor. A new style was even created that was a combination of hip-hop, puppetry, jazz and.... calisthenics.

One girl did a modern dance solo. She pushed herself out on a wheelchair, fell to the floor and rolled around a bit until her "inner desires" willed her to use her legs and do a few jumps.

It started at 7pm and ended around the year 2054.

Courtney was excellent in the peice that closed the show. It was a group dance to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. Her long blonde hair was flowing freely as she gave attitude and demanded that we put a ring on it.

Overall rating: 83% less slutty than the Mid-year High School Dance Recital.

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