Saturday, August 15, 2009


It had recently come to my attention that I never actually finished The World's Longest Slide Show on my not so recent trip back to the U.S.

I know what you are thinking. "Who told?" Am I right?

Just sit back enjoy a nice cocktail and nod your head.

We have been in Cleveland over a week, and it was getting well due for a little divertisment. So we all piled into a tiny little Chrysler 300 and headed off to Canada for a few days.

After a 3 or 4 hour drive along Lake Erie through Pennsylvania & New York, we were finally welcomed to Canada.

Isn't it lovely??

So much has changed about the Falls. First of all, there is now a casino, and high rise hotels and high class shopping malls and 4 star restaurants. This is a shame because it took away from the natural wonder of the reason people even come here, The Falls!

After we checked into our decidedly not 4-star hotel all of layered on our warm clothes and walked down the Falls to catch the evening light display.

Although the lighting is a bit low tech, it is a spectacular sight. Still, would it hurt to upgrade the light show into the 21st century and start doing image projections?

Just hanging around the edge of the falls, we had a good time and managed to take some fantastic shots of ourselves.

This is my mom and uncle.

The boys.

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