Sunday, September 26, 2010


Soon after the previous boo-hoo-poor-me post I wrote, I was offered several jobs in a week.

I interviewed for this one job that was VERY interesting, however the guy didn't really seem very keen however he did ask for references, so I thought, well, I actually didn't think anything. I was already numb to the whole tedious process at that stage.

Then I got a call from a company that, at this stage, have kept me waiting for 6 weeks for a second interview. They did their weekly ring to see if I was still interested and available, to which they ended by saying that it will probably be another week before they can arrange the Director to be in town. Did I mention they said the same thing every other week they rang?

Later that morning I got a call from a company who I interviewed for on the previous day and they offered me a position. It was not a fantastic position, it was a step back in my line of work, but it was an immediate start.

I weighed up the options. I didn't think that Job #1 was really interested, Job #2 was the perfect job and the highest salary of the three but come on!!!! Six weeks!!! So I took what was behind Job Door #3... you know, as an interim position.

It was Friday afternoon, so I rang them back to accept the offer, when they told me that I needed to be in Sydney on Monday morning for a 10 day orientation.

I scrambled to pack 10 days worth of clothes for business, 10 days worth of evening clothes and 10 days worth of casual clothes and caught the Red-eye flight leaving Perth at 11:55pm Sunday and arriving in Sydney at 5:30 in the morning Monday. (It is only a 4 hour flight, so getting full sleep on the plane is not an option, however not complaining)

The first day of orientation was great, as it always is. Then went slightly downhill on Tuesday, and continued to decline from there. The job was not turning out to be what I signed on for. Sure it had some resemblance to the one I interviewed for and discussed in length with the employers about before accepting the position, however it was turning out to be like a drag queen taking off her make-up. Slowly the porcelain painted face washed aways to reveal a 5 o'clock shadow.

You know what I mean?

On the Thursday, I got a call and was offered Job #1. You know, the one that I liked but didn't think the guy was very interested.

I was over a friend's house that night and I relaying the story of this nightmare job and this new offer and it MIGHT have been the pitcher of Pimm's, 4 martinis, 2 glasses of wine and the espresso martini, however we came up with a plan of escape.

We snuck into my hotel, threw everything into my suitcase and crept through the halls, hiding if we heard the elevator or a voice. This hotel was old fashioned and I still had to check out at the desk, so we scanned the room for people and when it was safe I went to check out as they snuck my very large suitcase out of the side doors which were out of view and hailed a cab.

Once checked out I ran out the doors and we all dove into the cab as quickly as we could and sped off over the Harbour Bridge to freedom!

I didn't have internet access so Stuart who booked my flight back home that Saturday, who as the week went on, could sense something of this nature was going to happen.

I sent the company a quick resignation email and couriered back the phone, laptop, etc the next morning.

I almost forgot the best part! In the middle of all of this, I got a call from that slow motion company who kept me waiting at this point almost 7 weeks, to tell me that they have decided to offer me the position without a second interview. It may have been the drinks or it may have been the full moon but I really enjoyed telling them that they snoozed and they losed.


Jason, as himself said...

Wow! Good for you! You deserve it.

And wow! You actually POSTED something! I thought maybe you were all done blogging, like so many other ex-bloggers I happen to know.

I miss you.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Ohhhh, I would have been a nervous wreck on the sneak out, but you have to do what is best and clearly that was. Does that mean you have job #1 and are enjoying it? Tell us more!

Nicole Hanusek said...

That's fantastic news! And to have several offers, must feel nice :)

jlo said...

You are so sneaky! I love that youy left. Do you know how many times I have tried to talk Kim and Jason into leaving a boring meeting? They never fall for my evil plans.
Congrats on the new jobsss!!!

Claire said...

Dear Hank,
Please plan a trip to my house soon to put in the new kitchen. We need design help.