Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow! What a fantastically philosophical title for such a boring post.

We are still packing and waiting to move and packing and waiting and packing and packing and packing and... what was I saying?

Even though we are still a couple of weeks away from moving to 'The Farm' (working title), the property has to be prepared for a horse, which means building fences so the horse does not escape and run off with the outback alien kangaroos.

So this weekend I spent building a front fence out of pine posts. Well, I held the spirit level while Stuart did everything else, but we don't need to get into semantics.

What else happened this week? Oh yes! I had the most terrible cold and/or flu and had to dress as a leprechaun for an all-day team building function at work.

Yeah, it was just as thrilling for me as it sounds.

Who got a visit from the easter bunny?

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