Sunday, March 8, 2009


We found it! The perfect house and the perfect land with an abundance of water and nice feed. Offer accepted.

Then rejected.

I was already planning the chicken coop and dreaming of raising a cow for slaughter. Would I be able to eat my slaughtered pet? I don't know, but it would be a fantastic experience to try out.

As if you wanted to know, the butcher in this particular town will cut up the meat into whatever we desire, however it has to arrive at his shop already killed and skinned.

You see, to keep from getting tough meat, the home raised cow must be shot instantly while still grazing the paddocks and then hauled away for immediate processing.

That part I could do without seeing.

Back to the house hunt, we are looking at one today, which may be a total renovation job, but at the right price anything is possible.

Tally thus far: 5 offers rejected. 34 days before homelessness.

UPDATE: I may have left something out... I have no interest in personally killing or skinning a cow or any other animal. I do however eat beef and wear fur.

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