Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Be Warned!

I have been swiftly informed that part of having a blog is to actually update it on a regular basis. Consistency has never been my strong point.

Therefore I am going to complete the 50-100-50 challenge. What is the 50-100-50 challenge? I have to write 50 100 word posts over 50 days.

I am not sure the precise rules of this "game" so it is unclear if it has to be one post a day for 50 days or if I can write 25 posts on the first day and 25 posts on the 50th day. Also unclear is if the post has to be 100 words exactly. Not 101 or 102, but 100.

Before I lose track of dates, this means 50 post 100 word posts by 19 June 2008 (depending on your hemisphere and whether you count today or not).

How many words was that?

147. This may be easier than I thought. 156.

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